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Advocare Lean in 13 Results

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In late May I decided to give the Advocare Lean in 13 program a try and have experiences great results through the first week. I was fresh off of a successful Advocare 10 day cleanse and a strong performance in my first Tough Mudder. I found myself experiencing a bit of a fitness “hangover” in the middle part of May. I had worked so hard to get myself into the shape I wanted to be in for the Tough Mudder that when it was over I definitely let myself relax a little bit. To be quite honest, it was necessary. During my training I was at the gym a minimum of 4 times a week, typically 5 and sometimes 6. I simply wasn’t going to let myself fail toward my goal of completing my first Tough Mudder and may have even over trained at some points. So taking a few weeks off with casual workouts and straying from the strict diet was very refreshing.

Until I realized that I had done this before. So many times in the past I have worked out consistently and followed the meal plan to achieve my desired results only to get comfortable and let myself slip. My wedding (September 8th) is about 3 months away and so it was time to get focused and working towards my goal of being in the best shape of my life for the big day.

I decided on the Advocare Lean in 13 program because of its similarity to the Max Phase of the 24 Day Challenge that I have completed before.   The Advocare Lean in 13 program uses many of the same products but adds in a metabolism booster (Thermoplus) and some appetite control (Leptilean) to take your results to the next level. To reach my goal on September 8th I entered the Turbulence Training Transformation contest which ends a few weeks before on August 22nd. I knew the Advocare Lean in 13 program was just what I needed to jumpstart my work towards this goal.

During the Lean in 13 program you will use Advocare favorites SPARK and the meal replacement shakes as well as my absolute favorite product Catalyst. I already use these products on a routine basis so for me this program just had me add the Metabolic Nutriton System (MNS) throughout the day, Thermoplus before lunch and dinner and Leptilean in the afternoon to help me get from the 3pm snack to dinner without the urge to snack upon arriving home from work. The Advocare products compliment a clean meal plan of lean proteins and vegetables with nuts and additional protein shakes as snacks. Every 3rd day is a “refuel” day where you will add starches. Fruit with your morning and afternoon snack and then a starch with your lunch and dinner instead of vegetables. In order to stay in line with the Paleo diet I used sweet potatoes as my starch for both meals. More on how Paleo and the Advocare programs are really a great mix in a later post.

Through 7 days I am down 4.2 lbs and at a new low weight for me since I’ve started to keep track in the last 3 year or so. I am down to 172 which is a far cry from 200 where this all began.  I must admit that 4.2 lbs in one week came as a bit of a surprise because 176 was a weight I had pretty much settled into.  Also, I only made a few tweaks to my diet and got my gym visits up slightly vs. what I was doing before.  Not a drastic change by any means.  The combination of the meal plan, Advocare products and Turbulence Training for Jacked and Lean Meatheads program have me right where I want to be as I stare down the wedding day.

With the Lean in 13 program I have all the energy I need and have not found myself to be hungry at any point during the day. Tomorrow is another refuel day and then we head into the weekend. Back with final results when the Lean in 13 program wraps up on Monday!

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3 comments on “Advocare Lean in 13 Results

  1. Aubrey on said:

    Do you take the leptilean with your afternoon catalyst and thermo plus 30 minutes before lunch? I have thought about adding the leptilean, but I don’t know how to add it in to my routine. Thanks!

  2. Dan Binder on said:

    I took the leptilean about an hour or so before dinner. It helped me to go from afternoon snack to dinner without the urge to eat anything else in between.

  3. Dan Binder on said:

    I took the leptilean about an hour or so before dinner. It helped me to go from afternoon snack to dinner without the urge to eat anything else in between.

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